Tuesday, 25 January 2011


For some great bands and keep an eye out for our next release and merch through the good folks at http://www.seveninchrecords.com/

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Next gig Scandalous (punk/Techno night)

French Freddie is putting on his second night of mayhem "Techno Punk 2, this is scandalous" at the Kitchen Gallery, Witchurch Road in Cardiff. We kick off the night with some fastcore then onto the DJs playing crusty techno. There is also a chill out garden, well priced good quality beer and FREE FOOD. £5 on the door.
Here's a link to the facebook page for the event.

Tees for sale.

White tee with 'bars' print available in S.L.XL (medium sold out sorry)
Black 'Phantom Face' tee available in S.M.L.XL (small amounts of each left)
Both tees cost £6 each or both together for £10.
Get in touch with us if you want them.

Both pin badges for £1.50

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Mention from the BBC

Here is a recent bbc website artice on punk music in wales mentioning us and a few others.


At the moment we have the black flag rip off Bars tee for sale, view it here http://smiler.bigcartel.com/ we will also have a new tee up for sale soon with the 'phantom' logo on it, either tee will set you back £6.00, hoodies will also follow soon. We are waiting on the mastered version of our album to come back, this will be available through the good folks at Seven Records  http://www.seveninchrecords.com/ some time soon (March/April 2011 hopefully) Check back for updates on merch and album soon.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Newcastle Upon Tyne with the mighty masked menace FACESHREDDER

Faceshredder, 10 legged, 5 headed stone cold stunner from hell. WOOOOOOOOOOO
Smiler, South Wales wankers making a trip over the river back to the bass players homeland
Theia, North East heavyweight groove thick metal the only way it should be.

Free entry to Krash nightclub afterwards.

Supporting the mighty DISCHARGE

Discharge, Stoke on Trents finest.
Defcon Zero, London hardcore, as oldschool as it comes.
Bullet Ridden, Bristol metallic crust, a must see
Smiler, South Wales fastcore, loud and proud.

Fuck myspace

As myspace has become almost impossible to use we have now set up a blogspot page as a way to share our music and goings on with anyone who cares enough to check it out. Smiler have been together since mid 2009 and are made up of Mike Davies, Vocals (makeshift truth and a million other previous musical outings) Ioan A.D. Thomas, Guitar (no talent/ George Annihilation &T.L.O.H) Gavin Gates, Bass (the cull/ four letter word/ George Annihilation &T.L.O.H) Mikee 'Junko' Evilton, Drums (drop dead darling/ spider kitten)
Previously with Marc Mills (32a/ blackfly) on Drums who left under friendly circumstances in 2010 leaving some big shoes (size 14!) to fill.
 Smiler have gigged fairly regular gigging with some great bands including the Subhumans and Diet Pills, question the mark, the dangerfields, Fuck Right off and plenty more.
Check back for any future announcements on gigs and the upcoming release of our debut album due out soon on Seven Records.

Old FREE Downloads

Split with demosXlecture from Indonesia

The first demo (basically our part of the demos split + an extra one or two tracks)

The Gonzo comp part 1. Put out on Birds Out Records, includes an early demo version of Smiler track 'Violent Bastard'