Saturday, 3 March 2012

The fat lady has sang the final song blah blah blah

We have called it a day, I (gav, bass player) need to have more time around my children and the drummers curse has struck again so the remaining 2 troopers have left it at that. We had a blast, cheers to the following (and a load of others too) Section 13, Regimes, Hobos live music venue, Chi and Spider Kitten, Discharge, The Subhumans, Diet Pills, Faceshredder UNSANE, Corleone family Bristol, Riot Ska, birds out records, haroldXshitman, wheelchair wheelchair wheelchair wheelchair, you dead!/cleavers, same four walls, question the mark?, 7 inch records, world of shit zine, mass movement zine, artcore fanzine, grand collapse, Ed Wood, Rash Decision, Atomck, Guntys, Trigger McPoopchute, Darrell and Slugest, Death or glory promotions, F.U.K. Manic rehearsal studios, Fudge at Soundspace rehearsal studios, Alex and Scot. If I forgot you at all then much apologies.
Gav, Ioan, Mikee, Kzz, Marc, Mike.

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