Saturday, 5 February 2011

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2 new recordings are up for your ears on soundcloud, the link is on the bottom of here. Here's the explanation and lyrics for both B.N.P. and Macho-homophobe, don't worry, for the album we also have covered our thoughts on fascist/racist cunts such as the E.D.L. and all the other spineless bastards who claim to have 'pride in their righteous causes' but only post on youtube in sas masks and never show face anywhere, the wonderful world of the z list celebrity who thinks fame comes while on their backs with their legs in the air, the wonderful thing we call government and the general state of life today. Enjoy.

Be Nice People
(Nationalist parties that advocate racist views are not going to help any country/communities in any way. 
No matter how they dress it up whether it be a case of pride in your nation or a way to save your race, 
or to fix problems in your hometown. Its all hatred of the worst and dumbest kind.)

Be nice people (x2), Be really nice people.
You dont have to be a racist cunt,
You dont have join the national front,
You dont have to be a racist cunt,
Cause youre not an ill-educated runt.

Give Nick Griffin enough rope,
Hell hang himself the little dope,
Question time it proved a point,
Even if we did hear only one side

(“I fucking hate the gays they freak me out... they all wanna fuck me!” is a 
line we all hear from the same guy that after a night on booze and drugs wants
 nothing more than to suck a cock. Grow up fucker.)

You call him fairy, how very scary, but when you get lairy, you love to suck cock.

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